Welcome to B’s Garden Treasures. This website has been designed to showcase my products which are sold at arts and craft shows and to provide information to customers who would like their bridal, special occasion or memorial flowers preserved as framed art.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a flower in bloom. My art uses real flowers, leaves and other botanicals which are pressed to remove all moisture so their beauty can be preserved for years to come. My original art ranges from simple bookmarks, cards and jewelry to more complex floral landscapes and bridal bouquets. Currently, three local florists in the Finger Lakes area are referring customers to B's Garden Treasures to preserve their wedding, memorial and other special flowers.

I also offer “frame-ready” digital copies of my work along with coasters and trivets. While this website is primarily designed to showcase my work which is sold at fine arts and crafts shows, I can also accept orders electronically. Just send me a message.

Most of the flowers used in my art come from my own beautiful gardens.