Memorial/Sympathy/Special Occasion Flowers

B’s Garden Treasures will preserve your loved one's flowers. The flowers will be carefully taken apart, pressed flat – using modern pressing techniques to remove the moisture – preserved and creatively reconstructed and arranged into framed art which can be displayed in your home and cherished for years to come.

The flowers may be arranged around a photograph of your loved one, verse, poem, funeral card, eulogy, etc. to create a sentimental and unique heirloom. They can also be arranged as a bouquet, a wreath, a heart, a garden landscape or other unique design. Depending upon the complexity, additional charges may be incurred.

You may have a solid colored hard mat board background or a soft background colored with pastels. You will be involved in all design decisions and will have the opportunity to review and approve the design concept before it is finalized.

Your special flowers will be sealed and professionally framed. Acid-free products and 99% UV-conservation glass are used to ensure the lasting quality of your heirloom. With a soft pastel or equivalent background, you may have the option of vacuum sealing for added protection. This requires extra space on all sides and the addition of a mat over the design, which may require a larger frame. Also, the frame rabbit depth must be deeper than for a non-vacuum sealed picture. See the example of an unframed and framed picture below which was vacuum sealed.

Memorial/Sympathy/Special Occasion Floral Arrangement Samples


Size Price
8x10" Frame $150 plus shipping, if required
11x14" Frame $175 plus shipping, if required
12x16" Frame $225 plus shipping, if required
14x18" Frame $250 plus shipping, if required
16x20" Frame $275 plus shipping, if required

Vacuum Sealed Sample

How to Care for Your Flowers and Miscellaneous

Keep the flowers as fresh as possible, until you can get them to B’s Garden Treasures. Put them in a cool place, with their stems in water. Do not put water on the flower petals. You can place the flowers in the refrigerator but DO NOT FREEZE! For best results, get them to B’s Garden Treasures within 1-3 days. Please contact B’s Garden Treasures at as soon as possible to make sure I am available to preserve your flowers. If I am not available, I may be able to refer you to another pressed flower artist.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required upon receipt of your flowers. The remainder is due upon shipping or receipt.

B’s Garden Treasures reserves the right to refuse flowers which are of poor quality. You will be contacted within 2-4 weeks to discuss your design preferences. The order will be finished and ready for your enjoyment within 6-12 weeks.