Memorial/Sympathy/Special Occasion Flowers

B’s Garden Treasures will preserve your floral memories. Your flowers will be carefully taken apart, pressed flat – using modern pressing techniques to remove the moisture – preserved, color enhanced (as needed) and reconstructed. They will be creatively arranged, sealed and professionally framed into art which can be displayed in your home and cherished for years to come. We can incorporate a photograph, verse, prayer card, and/or other mementos into the design, if desired.

While we have used "hard" matboard backgrounds in the past, we recommend a soft acid-free decorative paper background such as mulberry paper. With a soft background, you have the option of vacuum sealing your floral design for maximum protection. With this option, your completed design is sealed between a layer of air and waterproof material and acrylic with special glue. A pump is used to remove all of the air. This requires extra space around the design for the glue, a mat and a frame with extra rabbit depth. B's Garden Treasures always uses a layer of 99% UV conservation glass or acrylic to protect your artwork no matter which sealing method you choose. If you want a top mat, choose the vacuum sealing option. You will be involved in all design decisions and will have the opportunity to review and approve the design concept before it is finalized.

You will be involved in all design decisions and will have the opportunity to review and approve the design concept before it is finalized. A non-refundable $100 pressing fee is required upon receipt of your flowers and will be deducted from the price. The remainder plus applicable sales tax is due prior to shipping or receipt.

Most orders will be finished and ready for your enjoyment within 6-12 weeks. You will be contacted if additional time is required.

How to care for flowers

Memorial/Sympathy/Special Occasion Floral Arrangement Samples


Size Standard Sealing (except 5x7") Vacuum Sealing
5x7" Frame (available as add on only) $95 plus shipping, if required (laminate sealing) not applicable
8x10" Frame $175 plus shipping, if required Add $25 (approx. 5"x7" for design)
11x14" Frame $325 plus shipping, if required Add $50 (approx. 8"x11" for design)
14x18" Frame $375 plus shipping, if required Add $75 (approx. 11"x15" for design)
Mementos Add $25 for each item

Vacuum Sealed Sample

How to Care for Your Flowers and Miscellaneous

Keep the flowers hydrated by placing bouquet in a vase with fresh, lukewarm water. Do not overly handle the flowers as the petals easily bruise. Keep flowers in a cool place, away from the sun. A kitchen counter is fine. Do not place in your refrigerator as the flowers may freeze or be crowded and it is not worth the risk.

DO NOT freeze, hang upside down, spray with hairspray or anything else.

Every moment matters when it comes to getting your bouquet to B's Garden Treasures. Have your delivery plan in place BEFORE the event. Overly wilted flowers may not be able to be preserved. Next day delivery is optimal or, at the latest, the morning of the second day.

Please contact B’s Garden Treasures at as soon as possible to make sure I am available to preserve your flowers. If I am not available, I may be able to refer you to another pressed flower artist.

If shipping your flowers, contact B's Garden Treasures for instructions. Shipping and packaging of the completed bouquet will be done at cost plus a $50 handling fee.

B’s Garden Treasures reserves the right to refuse flowers which are of poor quality upon arrival.